"It's OK not to be OK" (10 September)


Have you ever struggled mentally? Do you want to help someone who has a depression, but you are not sure how?

Interested in maintaining a healthy mental condition?

Come to R U OK? DAY on September 10th! (It's even FREE!)

Join our key note speeches given by famous experts such as Mo Gawdat (author of the book "Solve for Happy Engineer Your Path to Joy", Chief Business Officer of Google [X])

You can also join our fun workshops such as a breathing workshop using Wim Hofs famous method followed by an ice tub experience (optional), a philosophical Dark Room, and a Sleeplab!

For more informatiion of the program, check out: www.ruok.nl

Line up

  • Versla je innerlijke criticus - Wouter de Jong
  • Mindfulness - Josien Suntjens
  • U R OK- Linda Coussement
  • Sleeplab - Lyla Coach
  • Philosophical speed dating - Over the Moon
  • Over the Moon shot - Over the Moon
  • Personal story explained by tattoos - Elwin Goedgedrag
  • "Beating" depression- Boxer Francis Fisher
  • Iceman breathing workshop - Wim Hof method by Remon de Muijnck
  • Solve for Happy - Mo Gawdat
  • Action for Happiness - Asha Lalai
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